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Jan 20, 2009
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The new LOKI pages for hardware and propellant reloads are published and the shopping cart is working.

Permits are still required for anything over 62.5 grams of propellant. In other words the LOKI G-80 is the only motor that is Permit free. However a lot of the LOKI reloads do not require Haz-Mat.

This will soon change reflecting the new lack of ATF regulation.

For now it is what it is.

Visit and be sure to let me know what you think about the sites re-model. I busted my buns doing that.

Watch for bugs, I'm sure there a re a few walking around. If you see something, please let me know.
Looks good David..Couple of comments..First off I like the KISS principal, which it looks like you do too! Nothing flashy, simple and functional..Site navigation: The Loki reloads page has a 'home' button which directs you to an 'index.html' page that when loaded is just a blank page, link should be for '.htm' like you have for the Quickburst logo on the top of the page. It would also be nice to have a link from the reloads page to the hardware page, or maybe like you have on the hardware page- a link to the 'Loki Page'..

All in all tho the site looks good and loads real fast! ;)
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Overall it looks good. I did find some bugs here and there so I'm sending you a pm with the issues I've found.