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Mar 18, 2016
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Having slowly started building the Wildman Warrior Jr...and taking my time due to having NO experience in FG, I have decided to also, concurrently, build up a Madcow/Apogee Torrent. I have been reading up a bit on some previous builds and I *THINK* I have identified two "questionably" weak points of the build. With that in mind, I am thinking of making some changes, albeit small, to the Torrent and would like the opinion of more experienced builders.

1. I have read a few times that the top bay, at 12", is just a bit short given the AV-bay and the nosecone. I was thinking of ordering up another BT and making it 18", giving me an extra 6" of room up top. I know one build I read about replaced the 12" with 19" and seemed to work well, so I just assume this will also.

2. In a couple of threads I have seen complaints about the BT in the fin area not being strong. This is more easily solved...I was going to add a 3rd motor mount ring. I know this adds some aft weight, but I'm pretty sure that the added weight of the 18" tube up top will help balance that out.

DD is in my future on this one, but only after I achieve my L1 cert. I will build it with the AV-bay, but not intending on equipping the electronics for a bit.

Any thoughts or concerns?

Tracy Ramsey


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Sep 1, 2010
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I don't have any specific experience with this bird, but I did extend the airframe on my L1 Norad Pro Max build to allow more room for recovery. I also am in the habit of adding a centering ring or two when I feel it is warranted- built my L2 Frenzy that way to reinforce the split fins a bit, and my as-yet unflown AGM-Pike. Have had no issues with either technique, but of course, always re-check your CP/CG relationship once you're done!