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Darian Rachal

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Jan 19, 2009
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I have an opportunity to purchase some QB "Twiggy" ignitors for F & G motors at an upcoming launch. I'm under the impression that these would be good for cluster composites. I have the Estes Pro Series launcher with two 7.2 volt nicads. I'd like some comments on this set up for composite clusters. Thank you. :)
They work just fine together.

That's what I use. although...

Those Twiggy igniters a much fatter than the name would imply.

I had lots of trouble getting them to go into an F motor.

Sandman, Thanks for the information. I guess I can scrape the pyrogen w/a razor blade if I have trouble inserting it.
Which are preferable in general, between the Quickburst and Magnalites? I've never seen a QB in action, but the magnalites I saw would pressurize the Aerotech motors they were used on almost immediately. However, I've heard good things about the Quick Burst as well.

Which do ya'll like the best? :)

PS: Ya'll should become an official English word. It's like Ustedes...collective you. Much smoother than saying "you all" :D
Quickburst is pretty much all I use. Like sandman said though, they are tight going into the F's. The opening on the nozzle is a little smaller. Lighting G80's is a breeze though. Ignition is almost instantaneous. (BTW, I've clustered 3 composites using my Command Control before, but using a whip clip.)
Quickbursts are great, but a warning to clusterers....if you use more than 3 or 4 you're going to need a beefy system. I believe the original design of Twiggy's was intended for single motor ignition....they are 12V igniters...but that doesn't mean that the current draw is high. I just know from talking to David Bachelder (the owner) that more than three or four will suck up juice. But for 2-3 motor clusters, they work great. Lit up a pair of F50T's nicely in my 4-29SS. The video actually shows that one lit a bit late but not enough to mess anything up...great flight. I usually use Fire in the Holes (I know they're still in business, but do they still make the igniters??) for ignition of clusters. I've heard of them being used successfully in clusters of 7 blackjack motors. For my next cluster attempt I'm trying Magnelites, though...I want to get into dipping my own. Hope it helped.
Quickbursts are a great alternative to AT First Fire Jr's. For the same price you get 10 instead of 3. It's safe to whittle the pyrogen down to size with an X-Acto, in fact the instructions suggest it for F motors. I've been able to get one into an F50 clean, but Econojets (including G35s) need some cutting.
David at Quickburst will actually make custom igniters for you if you call or e-mail him. I got some from him that are the same size as Twiggys, but have higher resistance therefore better for larger clusters. He didn't charge me any extra either; great customer service.
Thanks again to everyone that has taken the time to respond. They sound like a pretty good product.