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Jan 25, 2009
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Want to learn how to make a nice set of fillets EASY? Simple process really. They're not going to be big ol' honkin fillets, nor will they be non-existant. They'll be nice enough to look good. I've started using this technique with great results. The items you'll need to do this will be:
  • Thick CyA
  • CyA Kicker
  • Fill n' Finish
  • Sandpaper (150-250 grit)

From that list, you can probably guess what the technique is...but this won't be complete without a step-by-step process.
  1. Prepare your fillet surface. Clean out whatever sanding dust might be there. Essentially, just give it a thorough wipe-down.
  2. Get the Thick CyA and Kicker ready. The reason you use Thick CyA is so you can do all of the fillets at once with no dripping.
  3. Starting from the forward fin-body joint, run a nice bead of CyA in the fillet. Repeat for all the fillets.
  4. Now go around and LIGHTLY spray the CyA kicker on the fillets. If you aim right, you should get the entire fillet with one spray.
  5. It looks halfway decent now - but we want it to look goood, don't we? Break out the Fill n' Finish.
  6. Now you're going to want to use the good stuff from the center of the tub, not the halfway dry stuff that lines the edges. Get a glob of it and run it in all of the fillets.
  7. Let Dry.
  8. Sand lightly to get rid of the bumps.
  9. Perfect Fillets!

    Easy enough, huh? Let's see pix of your nice fillets now!


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