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Captain Low-N-Slow
Jan 26, 2010
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Am I supposed to epoxy the white ring onto the nozzle end of the motor, for the thrust ring? I'm not supposed to remove the red plug from the ejection end, am I? And does anybody have any tips for using the Copperheads? I know they have a bad reputation. Thanks for your help.


You can glue the cardboard ring on or just use masking tape I prefer to use tape.Don't mess with the red cap leave it as is.
I have had good luck with copperheads, just make sure it is all the way up inside of the motor. If you are not using the aerotech controller then you can tape one side of your alligator clips and alternate their position on the copperhead, or you can heat up the tail with a lighter, this will seperate the two pieces and you can clip them individually then. When you go top push the button, make sure you hold it down till it launches and have a well charged 12v battery.
You epoxy the white ring on to serve as a thrust ring. I'd rough up the area where it seats with some sandpaper and make sure you wipe off excess epoxy after seating it. Leave the ejection charge plug alone.

I've had success using copperheads with the Aerotech clip. When using alligator clips and taping the copperhead leads, sometimes there is so little of the igniter left sticking out of the engine that the clips touch each other or pull off if the rocket rocks in the wind. Most of those Aerotech single use engines use a slotted grain and the copperhead slips easily into the slot whereas something like the First Fire Jr or Q2G2 might not fit so well. The igniter really needs to be up at the top of the grain so that the delay charge and the propellent both light when it fires. If it slips down, the engine can chuff and the delay might light late resulting in a "bonus delay". Whatever igniter you use, make sure it is pushed all the way to the top of the engine.
Thanks for all the replies. Do you guys use the rubber band to hold the Copperhead in the motor, masking tape, a wadding plug, or some other method?
The yellow rubberband around the nozzle holds the igniter in don't cover the nozzle throat with wadding or tape you'll snuff out the motor before it has a chance to light and come up to pressure.
Try the q2d2 "long lead version" from quest

The Q2G2 igniter will need an extra pyrogen 'dip' in order to ignite a White Lightning propellant motor.

The Copperhead igniter will work fine as long as you follow the instructions. :)
I bond the white paper thrust ring (which is actually just a short section of motor mount tubing) on at the field with medium CA during my rocket prep. Then I wait several minutes for the adhesive to fully cure before inserting the motor in the rocket. The operation is quick and simple and the ring stays firmly in place for, well, all eternity. ;) If the motor comes with such a thrust ring, why not use it and save your tape for something else?