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Jul 23, 2002
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Warning: This is really off topic

I am an AM radio freak.

Problem: My AM reception in my 2002 Chevorlet Silverado as slowly been going down hill for tha last 10 months. Some staions come in pretty crisp, but I have lost others.

The reception does improve when the engine isn't running.

NO components have been changed on the truck since new.

I have made sure the ant. was tight. I even removed it and made sure the connection was was.

There is no shorting of any kind in any of the ignition wires.

Any suggestions?
I think I MAY know your problem... My parents just got a new Yukon about a week ago.. The radio was really sketchy, worked for some, others cut in and out. took it in and the said the ohms (resistance) of the antenna were too high, and will replace it soon.. That may be your problem too.