Question about the new Estes Canadian Arrow

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Jan 18, 2009
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Fort Myers, FL
I just had a simple question to anyone who has purchased and built the new Estes Canadian Arrow kit.

Is the maple leaf design at the botom decal(s) or does it have to be painted on?

Just curious.
For as many folks as pined for the V2/Silver Comet, there seems to be little interest in this kit. I am surpirsed at this. The kitbash possibilities are endless.
I have 3 Canadian Arrow kits coming from Red Arrow Hobbies...should be here today...I hope:D
Just picked one up. The red at the bottom of the rocket needs to
be painted on (including the white stripes) and the instructions
come with paint masks that require duplication but are not
reverse masks.:) :eek: :rolleyes: :mad:
Is the NC smooth plastic, or are the portholes molded in, like the windshield in the Silver Comet?
The parts are mostly the BT80 V2 with a longer body tube. The
portholes on the nose are not molded in, just black circle stickers.
Instructions are for a D12-3/D12-5, but the engine tube is 7.75".
so E and F is easy. The hole in the tail cone is 1.35", so 29mm is
doable and 38mm may be possible with slight enlargement. May
go higher on the 38 that the real one ever will now.
I have now assembled two of these, one for a buddy of mine who just happens to be the manager of my local hobby shop and one for myself.

A few observations:

Easy to build, great instructions.

The maple leaf design is a pain in the @$$ to duplicate but the templates make it somewhat easier but not much.

I found that I could spray the red first, let it dry for about 2 days, mask it off and spray on the white without it turning pink.

I also found that the nose cone decal is a bi%&^ to put on and it bubbled like crazy so on the one I built for myself, I cut the segments apart and put them on individually with much, much better results. I left the other two decals whole as they went on without a hitch on the first kit.

If you want to do this, the squared segments are roughly 1/2 inch apart from each other and the black oval shaped cockpit is roughly 3/16 apart from the top square segment.
When I build or bash my next C.A. kit, I will make certain the engine hook retainer fits BETWEEN the tabs on the fins. Easy to fix, no big deal, but I want to do it right.

Also, since the fin tabs glue directly to the motor mount, I will completely sand down the glassine layer on the motor mount next time, instead of just where the CR and engine hook retainer are attached.
Are the Canadian Arrow fins closer to scale V2 or are they the same oversized fins from the V2 kit? They appear to be smaller in the photos but hard to say...
same size... actually a good thing,, a little less nose weight for those bigger motors.