Question about Launch controller voltages.

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Dec 29, 2009
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Last year I got back into rocketry and have enjoyed it very much.
Me and my kids have built 22 lpr rockets in the last six months.
I like the lpr stuff but I am like many others and think more power is better. I have been looking at buying one of the Aerotech kits but have not yet decided on the one I want. I want to build my own controller and pad. I think I will build the pad out of pvc because I have seen some good ones here on the forum.

The question I have is this, I have two 9.6 volt nicad battery packs out of tyco rc cars that I crashed to bits. I will be igniting aerotech motors with this setup. Would it be ok to put the packs in series or should I parallel them. I am not sure if 9.6 volts would be enough or should I double to 19.2 volts? I am not sure if that is to much voltage for copperhead ignitors. Also what size wire should I use from batteries to ignitor leads. I am thinkng about mounting a remote box with batteries at launch pad and using old rc car servo to close relay contacts and ignite motors. I just need to know if 19.2 volts is to much for copperheads.
Most systems use 12V for Medium, High power. Yes you can put the two in series and get the 19V. Will it be to much, No but you dont need it all.