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Mar 21, 2009
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Just finished a Quest X-30 kit and plan to fly it soon. I noticed it came with 2 18" parachutes and was wondering if anyone had any experience with it. The model doesn't seem that heavy to need 2 parachutes and I hate chasing these things. The winds are typically 5-10 mph so it hard to find a day where I can fly this time of year.
X 30 is not the best flying model quest has made. i would swap out the quest parachutes, as they are hard to cramp both in without them setting. i would go for a single 18 inch chute
oh really... Do I head to do a heads-up 1st flight? I think I will stick with the 1 18" 'chute.
I have flown several of the X-30s several times... All have been picture perfect flights. I believe the model comes with 14"-15" not 18" parachutes so if you are going to go with only one, make sure you have a full 18" of parachute.
C6-3 off of a 4 foot long steel launch rod is best. If you have a standard launch rod (usually 30 inches) then make sure therre is no wind.

You can also use the Aerotech Valuerockets D10 motor.
Is an Aerotech Valuerockets D10 motor the same phyical size as an c6-3 or is this a mod?
Right at the link in the quote, under single use motors.