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Dec 17, 2014
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I have a question about the tail cone on my Quest Tomahawk. Should I CA the paper? If I do, do I CA after the fins have been glued on? When I CA, do I just spread it over the entire surface? I've never applied CA over a large surface before so I need a little advice. I've seen threads about using heavier cardstock and/or using TTW, but my tail cone is already attached so those are not options. I've also read that wood glue does not bond well to a surface covered by CA. Any help is appreciated.
You will get all kinds of suggestions.
All I can say I will not use CA as it breaks down and become brittle over time.
I have a couple of those kits, I'll have to get one out and look at it.
I'm guessing the tail cone is balsa?
If so, and you want to make it durable, fill the grain with putty, give it a coat of epoxy, sand and finish.

EDIT" Look it up on rocket reviews.
Looks like it's a paper transition tail cone.
Never done one of those. I have always threw them aside and ordered up a balsa or plastic one.
If your going to CA the paper, get the fins on and fillets done first.
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Glue the fins on, then you could add some CA to the card stock between the fins.
"Brush" it on with a Q-tip. It's really not needed on that tail cone.
Be prepared, those decals are hard to join up. Paint color match is another concern.

Over time CA glue can get brittle.
CA has it's place but should not be used for general rocket construction. Use white or yellow wood glues on LPR rockets.
CA can be used to harden card stock shrouds and to toughen up body tube ends.
CA should never be used on body tube/fin joints, body tube/launch lug gluing or engine mounts.
The initial bond might seem strong but over time will release, usually 15 feet up after launching.
Never use CA to "set" a knot on string or elastic. The CA glue will run up the line, harden and break!
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