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Jan 18, 2009
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I saw this kit on EBay so I decided to buy it and built it. Looks like a fun little flying rocket.

DSC_0281 (1024x454).jpg
This was simple fast build. I brushed on 4 coats of Aerogloss balsa sealer and tomorrow I will paint the yellow.

DSC_0256 (1024x681).jpg
This was a fast easy build, put together with Elmers glue, 4 coats of balsa sealer and top coat with no primer. Old formula Krylon Yellow is a bit translucent and takes a few coats adding weight so I decided to first spray one coat of old Krylon flat white then a coat of yellow.

DSC_0272 (1024x681).jpg

DSC_0276 (1024x681).jpg

DSC_0280 (1024x1005).jpg