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Jan 19, 2004
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Man ... I got this easy to build kit out last night and was gonna do a quick build and have something new to launch this weekend .... I bought the kit at the last 1/2 off sale at Hobby Lobby. It has apparently been opened and ransacked at the store .... it is missing half of the molded plastic motor mount and the kevlar cord .... I am pretty sure I no longer have the reciept ... is HL gonna give me a hard time returning it ???

That little piece of cord isn't a problem but missing half of the motor mount is a kit killer.
They probably won't give you a real hard time...something similar to this happened to me and i took it back...they didn't seem to mind so much, i hadn't started putting the rocket together yet either so it was still the way it came.All the did was take the one I brought and gave me a new one. But i guess it depends on if the people work there are jerks or not.
You might just have to try your luck.
At 9:03 this evening I wrote Quest a letter telling them of my missing parts ........ At 9:12 PM I recieved a responce back from them letting me know my missing parts are on the way !!!

AWESOME !!!!!!!!! Customer Service the way it should be !!!!!!!!