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Jan 18, 2009
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Though I normally prefer balsa fins and cones for my scratch builds, I decided to try out the plastic fin units that Quest has added to their catalog. I bought one of each type: 1. an all-in-one fin unit with built in launch lug, which slips over the tube, and 2. a fin can with a retainer ring, built in lug, engine mount assembly and four fins that are glued on. The purple rocket is the first type and the red rocket is the second type.

I went with 25mm fin assemblies which necessitated 25mm tubes (Quest sells 30" length so I got two rockets out of it), Quest plastic cones, and Quest streamers. The cones are a bit loose fitting and I had to add tape to get a snug fit in the tube.

The all-in-one fin unit is a tight fit on the 25mm tube and takes some doing to slide it into position, secured with CA. I suggest installing the motor mount first inside the tube, because you just won't get it in once the tube has been pinched by the fin unit. The unit itself is sturdily built, the fins well aligned and not bad if you don't mind the lack of flushness on the outside of the rocket.

The fin can assembly went together ok, some minor gaps between the two halves and where the fins attach to the can. The can assembly is somewhat wider than the 25mm so you lose some degree of streamlining with this one. Quest has other fin cans that fit flush with the tube, though.

If you're looking for a quick build or you've had enough of sanding and sealing, then these Quest plastic units offer a decent alternative.