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Dec 9, 2009
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My first build thread! Starting out easy with a Quest Novia. I always thought this was a slick looking little rocket and I got a couple of them just for kicks. Looks better in the photo, as some of the materials are lower end.

Here's how it went:

First the fins. Really, really thick stock. Coated them in FnF and started sanding.

Next, the nose has a really deep mold line. Hadn't used this on a rocket before, but out comes the Green Putty from my plastic model box.


Filled the spirals.


more to come....
Fins go on and it rests in the handy rocket cradle that came with the kit. This was fairly useful and I'd like to see them in other kits.


Notice the motor mount. It should be sticking out 1/4 inch, not 1/8th. I believe that I mess up the motor mount on 75% of the kits I do. Something about the process of nesting it smoothly seems to be beyond my ability, even though I have the best of intentions.

Also sanded up the nose.
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Nice start. I'm interested to see how this one turns out. I'll be watching.
Ok back to the show. I thought the recovery system was worth mentioning. With the kevlar and the shock cord, the combined length of the cord was very long, almost 3 feet. I built it without modification on purpose, otherwise I would have shortened the kevlar. As it is now, it's a zipper hazard. The streamer is twice as long as usual to boot.


I was also surprised at the markings on the rocket. The supplied sticker is not on clear film, but white sticker paper and it doesn't match the photo on the package. It doesn't look bad on the white, but it doesn't adhere well. I'm glad i went with the stock paint or this would have been useless.


On the pad and ready to....


be completely lost on the first go. The extra long streamer was very visible as it dropped into the pine forest.
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This was a quick easy build but Quest really dropped the ball with the decal. It really should have been printed with a clear backing. And the adhesive on it did not want to stick either.
I'm presently building the same. I hope I can fly it more than once :p
last night, I helped the Webelos (4th graders) from the local Cub Pack build Novias. It's a good first "real" kit (no plastic fin unit) for boys that age, well within their capabilities if there's an adult there to supervise. We papered the find with self-adhesive labels to eliminate the filling and sanding. The boys will decorate their rockets over the next few days and fly them on Saturday.