Quest Nike-K Quick Kit part size mismatch?

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Jul 22, 2004
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Just bought a new Quest Nike-K Quick-Kit. Started putting the pieces together w/o glue just to get a feel for how it all goes together and noticed something that I can't quite figure out.

The rocket is built from two different diameter body tubes with a plastic transition piece between them. The instructions and photos all show the upper tube fitting over the collar of the transition piece which is glued to the inside of the tube.

Well, the sizes are not even close to the same. The upper tube is so small (or the transition so big) that it slides easily down the inside of the transition piece without touching the sides. The nose cone that goes at the other end of the tube fits perfectly so I don't know if they included the wrong size upper tube and cone, or there's a problem with the transition piece.

Of course the third option is that it's a classic "ID10t" problem and the builder is to blame. ;)

Has anyone else seen or heard of this problem? Customer Support is closed on Saturday, so I'll give 'em a call Monday. Just hoping someone knows something I'm missing and can fix it without having to get replacement parts.

BTW--also noticed that the instruction say not to glue in the nose cone to the upper tube. I'm assuming this is a misprint since the chute attaches to the bottom of the transition piece at the base of the upper tube. If you don't glue the nose cone to the upper tube it will most likely be lost on the first flight. Right?

Thanks for any input!
I do not know anything about this rocket but allot of times you do not glue the nose cone on. The reason why is then you can use the top part of the rocket as a cargo bay. If you do not wnat to use it for a gargo bay go ahead and lgue the nose cone on. If you would like to have a cargo bay then I would put a small screw through the body tube into the nose cone. I have done this both ways and works great.

I glued my nose cone on (it was a little loose) and glued the payload section to the transition. The payload tube and the booster tube both go over the transition or another way of putting it is the transition goes into each tube...
I've attached a picture of my completed rocket as well.

Thanx for the pic; that's exactly how I figured it should work/look. Did you have to do anything to make the upper section fit onto the transition, or did it just slide into place?

On mine the upper tube just falls down the middle into the lower tube. If you hold it up inside the transition there is probably 1mm of clearance all the way around the upper tube.

I'm guessing that it's probably more likely that human error just packaged the wrong upper tube and NC with this kit. The only other cause would be manufacturing the transition piece with the wrong dimensions, which I think is much less likely.

I'll post back tomorrow after I talk to customer service.

Thanks again!
Originally posted by Flash6
I'm guessing that it's probably more likely that human error just packaged the wrong upper tube and NC with this kit. The only other cause would be manufacturing the transition piece with the wrong dimensions, which I think is much less likely.

:( That's what I'm guessing. It was a little loose but didn't even take but a tiny piece of masking tape to get it snug.
And I glued mine together.
Too bad but I'm sure they'll make it good. I've read on TRF time and again when someone has a problem with Quest they usually end up getting a whole complete kit.
Good luck.
PS I had trouble with the decals and just scanned them in and printed them on some matte finish clear address labels (really thin stuff). Turned out great. In the PIC I haven't clear coated it yet.
Spoke with customer service yesterday and they didn't offer any explanation but are sending out replacement parts at no charge. I made sure he understood that the nose cone fits the tube that doesn't fit the transition, so replacing the tube without the nose cone won't help. He understood and said they'd throw in several extra parts to make sure they cured my problem.

Sounds like it'll be close to the "new kit" bcdrl mentioned! Only problem is it'll take 8-10 business days...............:(
Yesterday I walked into my local hobbyshop and the owner said this is your lucky day. I smiled :confused: I said really! There on the counter was a Quest Totally Tubular kit w/one small missing part well not that small. No body tube.list price $7.99.I bought some plastic tubing and out the store I walk or ran real quick before the owner changed his mind. Sooooooo today I called Quest and on it's way is a new BT of course It'll be 8-10 Days:( before I see it, but the price was just right:D

Well, the "replacement parts" arrived yesterday (sooner than expected) in a nice box labeled "toys toys toys toys toys". Got a nice loving jab from my wife on that one, BTW.

Replacement parts are as follows:

1- new Nike-K kit

Gotta love it:D

After inspecting and comparing parts I was a little shocked to see that the body tubes are the correct size but the transition piece is different (smaller opening on the upper end).
I'm not familiar enough with Quest's inventory to know if this part was manufactured to the wrong measurements or just belongs in a different kit.

Now I have the challenge of trying to get the upper tube to somehow mate with the transition. Seems a waste to let an entire kit collect dust as replacement parts when with a little creativity it could be an "original design" ;)

Anyway, gotta say Quests service was excellent and I look forward to getting the thing together and off the pad.

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