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Jan 18, 2009
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Welcome to the Quest Navaho AGM (#3003) Gallery on TRF.

This gallery showcases the Quest Navaho AGM (#3003) and those rockets derived from it. Particularly appropriate in this thread are the following:

Quest: Navaho AGM: #3003

as well as any upscales, downscales, clones, kitbashes or other derivative works. Even Goonies qualify!

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Jan 18, 2009
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Quest Navaho AGM (#3003) Basic Information.

Quest Aerospace

MODEL NAME: Navaho AGM Also known as:

NUMBER: #3003

Introduced: 1994
Final Year:

Type: Pseudo Scale Ordnance
Motor Mount: 1x18mm/1x18mm
Recovery: Tumble/Parachute
Stages: 2
Length: 20.3in / 51.4cm
Diameter: 0.98in / 25mm
Weight: 1.49 oz

Mfg. Description: The two-stage Navaho scale-like air to ground missile flies to approximately 2,100 feet! Before exhausting its fuel, the booster motor automatically ejects the Navaho's first stage during ascent - and ignites the upper stage motor carrying the ship even higher. The first stage complete a tumble recovery... the second hits apogee. Soon a 12" recovery parachute is deployed. Includes an Easy-Lock Motor Mount, Kevlar Shock Cord System, plastic nose cone, die-cut balsa fins, and realistic decals. (Quest 1994 Catalog)


The Quest Navaho AGM model rocket is an incredible two stage model rocket that can soar higher than any other Quest model rocket with flights up to 2100 feet! This two stage model rocket not only has an impressive performance but comes with an extensive set of decals to give it the look to match. (Quest 2013 Web Ad)

Advertising Liveries

1994 Catalog

2007 Web Ad
2009 Web Ad
2013 Web Ad

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If you have any additional information on this rocket and/or catalog photos please let us know.
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