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Jan 18, 2009
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I attended the SCRA launch today (Saturday) in Los Angeles and brought my Quest MLAS model for it's first flight.

I prepped it following the kit instructions. I used a Estes B6-2 as I didn't have any Quest 'B' motors (Sorry, Bill :eek: ).

I flew the MLAS off my AeroTech Mantis pad with a 4' long 1/8" diameter launch rod. There was little/no wind.

The boost was nice and straight. It decelerated pretty quick at motor burnout. Recovery was okay, only one of the capsule parachutes inflated and the shroud lines on the booster became caught around one of the lower fins. Even so, the capsule was fine and the booster actually came down horizontally, cracking a fin fillet on landing.

The biggest problem was the amount of 'soot' around the upper section of the body from the ejection charge. Yeech. Fortunately, Wet-Wipes seem to clean it up pretty well.

Oh, did I mention I took pictures? ;)

Quest MLAS 01 ready for launch.jpg

Quest MLAS 02 Launch.jpg

Quest MLAS 03 Under thrust.jpg

Quest MLAS 04 Burnout.jpg

Quest MLAS 05 Ejection.jpg
Looks great Bob, great pictures of the flight. I'm glad Quest came out with this model, no doubt it's different.
Great pictures of a neat looking rocket :)
Finally got mine mostly built, neat model to build.