QUEST "Long" Q2G2 Igniters Now Shipping

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great , now all we need is 16" version too.:)
OldRocketeer"II";60581 said:
Good News!

The "Long" Q2G2 Igniters are now available on the Quest website.

These "long" version of the popular Q2G2 are 8 inches in length.

I noticed in your press release on RP that you mention that these are good for Aerotech motors. Are they the same igniters that Aerotech is shipping with some of their motors?

I've had good luck using the short ones with E30's but they didn't work as well with E15's.
Thanks Bill! Not only will this help with the longer 29mm consumer-level Aerotech motors, but it will also help the folks who are using these for electronics-based ejection charges as well.

Keep up the good work! :clap::clap::clap:
Do these have the same amount of pyrogen as the standard Q2G2 igniters?