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Aug 20, 2003
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I'm building 5 Quest Falcons with my Webelos den and living in West Texas where the wind blows constantly was wondering about the viability of using a streamer instead of the parachute. I know I don't want to use the full 'chute since that's a sure ticket that the rocket will land in New Mexico unless it's one of those rare windless days here. I'd prefer to use a streamer since I know it will come down faster than with a parachute and have less drift.


Doug, I use a 9" round with my Falcon, or you might consider a 12" X-form. A nice streamer about 2" wide might be nice, also.

BTW, what part of W. Texas are you in? I am very familiar w/the Ft. Davis area.
Hi jammer,I have a quest falcon that i fly with a streamer.With its plastic fins its allmost indestructable.I fly mine every time i launch rockets because its mr reliable.:D
We had a Falcon that we flew regularly. We lost it to the wind. Yes, on a chute. I think it would be fine on a reasonably sized streamer.

I'm stationed in San Angelo, about 80+ miles south of Abilene. I think were about 200+ miles from Fort Davis.

I'm probably going to have the boys use streamers so they can get the rockets back.


Doug, If you really want to impress the boys, modify the Falcon to take a 24mm engine & stick a D12-7 in it. You'll be surprised at how high it will go on a D12. :)