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Aug 4, 2010
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Here is my Model #1021 Cobalt.
Very easy build but not much room to put chute or streamer.
Love the color it.
One of my better finishes.
Another Red Arrow Hobby purchase.:cheers:

10312010 021.jpg
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MicroMaxx version of the Quest Cobalt. A cardmodel I made to be a minimum diameter MMax rocket.

The nose was made from a piece of plastic I turned on my lathe, and painted Rustoleum Cobalt blue to match my Cobalt paint and printed rocket. I've not yet flown it, as ther weather is sucky, but Rocksim never lies.

When you do, I'll probably ask your permission to copy some of your posts to other galleries that apply as well.
Feel free to move any that I upload.

Post coped with permission


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Here is my just finished Cobalt model.

I agree that there is not much room for a streamer let alone a parachute. :eek:

Quest Cobalt.jpg



Joint project. She did the motor mount, recovery, and sanding of the fins. I helped with the rest of it. The only mods are to the nose cone:
- cut out the rear of the nose cone, trimmed it down until it could glue 1/2 way inside the nose cone
- added 10 grams of clay inside the nose cone tip so it will be stable all the way up to a B6 motor.
- Second streamer added


The image with the flash really shows off the cobalt blue metallic paint.

UPDATE: Had a maiden launch on a Estes B6-4 motor. Perfect flight, perfect recovery
2nd flight: Launched on a Estes C6-5 motor. I knew I was pushing it a bit, but it still had a reasonable stability cal according to OpenRocket.
Little bit of wiggle off the rod and the first 15 feet, but it settled down quick after that. Near perfect flight, perfect recovery. No damage. This rocket is very quick on a C6 motor. Prepare a small set of binoculars for this launch because OR simulated a apogee of just over 1000 feet.
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Welcome to the Quest Cobalt (#1021) Gallery on TRF.

This gallery showcases the Quest Cobalt (#1021) and those rockets derived from it. Particularly appropriate in this thread are the following:

Quest: Cobalt: #1021

as well as any upscales, downscales, clones, kitbashes or other derivative works. Even Goonies qualify!

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Quest Cobalt (#1021) Basic Information.

Quest Aerospace

MODEL NAME: Cobalt Also known as:

NUMBER: #1021

Final Year:

Type: Sport
Motor Mount: 1x18mm
Recovery: Streamer
Stages: 1
Length: 7.5in / 19cm
Diameter: 1.58in / 40cm
Weight: 9.00OZ

Mfg. Description: Short, Fat, and Fun (can we say that?) The short length of this rocket makes it only flyable on "A" size engines. If you fly it with a "B" or "C", then you will need to add nose weight (not included). (Quest 2012 Web Ad)

Advertising Liveries

2010 Catalog
2012 Web Ad

Face Card(s)

Instruction Header(s)

First post in this thread featuring this rocket.

See Also: LINKS
Mfg. Page

If you have any additional information on this rocket and/or catalog photos please let us know.
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How do you pack the streamer in this rocket? The bottom of the nose cone nearly touches the top of the engine mount, and things don't seem to fit easily in the annular space that's left.
Oh, I get it now. Yeah, we'll give that a shot. The extra weight night be a good idea, too, just to give us some play with the engines. This is my daughter's first start-to-finish build where I didn't do anything to help. The last one she built almost by herself was the Aerotech G-Force (I had to pop the fins in and hold it on several occasions, as she's 9 years old). Quite a shift in scale!
Finished a couple more kits......

Ugh!! .. I did not not like the peel and stick decals on the Cobalt... but I just love the design.....

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Here's mine. I fitted it for 13mm engines, to give me an extra inch for the streamer. Great for a small field.

Finished a couple more kits......

Ugh!! .. I did not not like the peel and stick decals on the Cobalt... but I just love the design.....

Post copied to gallery with permission
I was just browsing through looking for the Quest Cobalt and saw this post. What is the QMR7 Starfighter (Raptor) build? Is it a scratch or came from plans, or DOM winner? Looks like a fun build/flyer!!