Quest #1010 Big Rage.

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Jul 16, 2019
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Seems like I went on a bit of a Quest building kick this year. Was looking on eBay and found this Big Rage for sale dirt cheap. Picked it up for $4 plus $5.99 shipping. I had built the Big Rage as a kid and was fond of it as it was a quick build and fun to fly. Unfortunately when I got the rocket I quickly understood why it was so cheap. Both the black and blue body tubes were crushed. The box looked fine, so this was something that happened before shipping.

I took measurements of the tubes and tossed them in the trash and set everything else aside until I felt like I could look at it again. At one point I considered kit bashing an Estes Nike Smoke into a Big Rage and tossing this thing in the trash. As luck would have it I found a seller on market place selling another big rage and a bunch of Quest tubes. For another $15 I had a second big rage and parts needed to build the first one.

This kit is typical of quest. Most of the parts fit well but the nose cone was molded horribly with dimples everywhere and the two halves didn't fit together. With some clamps and a whole lot of thick CA I managed to get it together. The motor tube is also very soft and should be replaced. I'll do a full write up on Rocket Reviews in the coming week.

I know I'm probably the only person that liked the 80's inspired Pink / Blue / Black color combo. Unfortunately my nose cone needed so much work it was now various shades of gray, yellow and red from the fillers, primers and putty and I didn't have bright pink paint laying around, so I went with a variation.

The main tubes were painted black and blue like the face card, but I went with dark red for the fins and nosecone. The stock decals were also faded and made from paper and didn't look very good, so I made my own from vinyl.



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Mar 6, 2010
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Amesbury, MA
I had built a Quest Nike Smoke prior to the Big Rage so I was familiar with the three-piece nose cone. My Rage was missing the point but a blue drywall anchor for a screw served as a nice tip and was color coordinated, too.


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Jan 20, 2009
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Nice job, big improvement over the old color.