3D Printing Quasar avbay and eggtracker.

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If you need a list of hardware, message me. Lots of M3, some threaded m3 inserts, and assorted other sizes. This is based on an older build I did, so many of the parts listed here are the same: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5149601

Phone bay is sized for a Pixel 7 Pro with a thin case (thingiverse version above was a Pixel 4XL). The files in the zip have a few minor tweaks not in the pics above. I can also share the tinkercad project if you want to tweak it yourself. Should be obvious where the various addon boards go. BT adapter I just stuck to the inside front lip with velco since it doesn't have mounting holes. Slide switch in the back is for the backlight.


  • Mini Punisher AvBay.stl
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  • eggtracker with lcd mount.zip
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Tinkercad project for the tracker. There are a few little tweaks (not enough to even want to reprint my own) in case you want the latest version, or need to modify to fit your particular phone, emboss it with your name or frequency, etc. There are some notes in the project about what hardware goes where as well.

You'll need to group and export the various objects (and then probably ungroup). I find it's easier to modify this way, and I've also run up against tinkercad's undo limit before.
Thanks for the file @DarthMuffin. I am currently working on building it.

Do you have any info in what sliding switch you used specifically?

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