Quark HPR Launch, Feb 28-29

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Dec 13, 2009
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Fairborn, OH
Well, this was perfect for my first launch of the year! Couldn't ask for better weather on Saturday - my entire family is still feeling the sunburn on our faces.

Arrived at the field around 10:30 or so to see it already full of bright eyed, bushy-tailed rocketeers with some big stuff ready to vault into the crystal clear, nearly windless skies. Lotsa high power stuff, a TARC team or two, and lotsa fun.

Got to see a redline J that I can't remember the name of, and a few other J's as well, including a scratch built rocket called Schnoz-ola on a J350, featuring a rear ejection recovery. Very cool! Also saw a glass/carbon fiber Fat Boy on an F37, and saw the same rocketeer try to give our club president a heart attack by flying to 4,449 feet in our 4,500 foot waiver...:D

As for me (along with my two boys, ages 2.5 and 5), we started things off with a nice flight of my oldest boy's Fat Boy painted "Thomas the Tank Engine blue" with thomas decals on it that he got from Santa this year. Thomas flew nicely on a C6-5. Next up, the Death Star on a C6-3. Death Star exploded on cue, and all five pieces were recovered. Next up was my PML Small Endeavour on a G64-7. This was a launch of firsts for me. First flight of the Small Endeavour, first G launch, first time launching from a rail, and first time I've landed a rocket in the top of a 50 foot tree. And I mean the top[/] of a 50 foot tree. More on that later... After shrugging off the disappointment of hanging $120 in a tree, we launched my son's MaxTrax on a B, and my Orbital Transport on a C6-3. Gotta love it when the booster lands before the glider! I love that thing!

With a heavy heart, We departed VOA, waving good bye to the "Hot Wheels Rocket" as my boys call my Small Endeavour. On the way out we say a WestChester fire department ladder truck. A brief conversation ensued, and they looked, but only had the 75' ladder, so couldn't reach it. *sigh* Came out the next day, and my new best friend shows up with his climbing gear and fiberglass rods. He puts on his harness, climbing boots, crampons, and scales the tree to about 30 feet or so, then uses the fiberglass rods to pull the rocket down, then rappelled down the tree. About 2 hours or so start to finish! It was amazing!!!

Moral to the story - every club needs a mountain climber in their ranks...

Great report, Loopy! It's great to hear how excited people get after having an off-season of no-flying. I guess I'm lucky, or blessed...here in Florida we can fly year-round! HA HA! But then again, you guys then get a three month period where all you can do is build! I guess that's why youse guys have so many more rockets than the guys "down south." LOL!

Can't wait to see either more launch reports, pictures, or both!!

:D :D