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Today could not have been better, with all the cancelled launches and such of late, it was a perfect day, temp in the 70's, NO WIND. Everyone was landing them in the short field. Everyone!

A kid had a wind meter there from one of the TARC groups and I saw it peak at 1.7mph once...once. A great day to play. We had two groups of scouts show up from their winter Build sessions we held for them. The first group flew their Monarchs like madmen and had a blast. The second group showed up after noon and flew their two stage Loadstars and fun was their word of the day. Tons of kids there from everywhere...if this is an indicator of Rocketry's future, it is in good hands. I flew the small Cluster Bomb twice on D's, the Python ASRAAM and Paveway GBU-24 went up on C6-3's. I tooke the upper stage of the Tres with me and people were WAY excited about it...I gotta finish this rocket. Our own Loopy got to get a first hand look himself...the first TRF'er to preview the Tres Upscale.

While I was there, Steve Carr and I took out our Deuces to fly. His maidened and flew great; Jim, I got one of those RARE side pics that looks like only one motor burning...how lucky was that? :) Then we decided to Drag Race! Way cool man....Mine lit first followed closely by Steve's. His was cooking and I just barely got to apogee and popped the chute when his followed. They both nearly landed together too...what a site. Jim, ya would have been proud! :)

Two TARC teams showed up to test their projects. The first group had a horizontal launch when only two of four motors in the booster lit. The second team were back from last year. I recognized them and the experience they gained last year showed in this year's launch. These kids had no less than 5 launches on the same rocket...each time everything lit, it staged great and they were at the point of "Tuning it in" with altitudes of 1160' and 1180' when I left...the goal is 1200 and they are way close!

Everyone had a great time and the big launch of the day was our very own Mr. Pyramid, Jim German. He launched his NOSECONE rocket on a J350 and it was awesome! When it quieted down in the late afternoon, I even had a chance to walk to the way side of the field and I flew my Electric Ducted Fan A-10 Warthog and my F-22 Raptor a couple times. Man, the fun never stopped.

Well, I got some pretty cool pics, so here they are:


oh man, you guys had a BALL!

And was that a, well, I don't know WHAT I'd call it... a Baby Deuce-ertha...???

unbeleivable! :D

and I love that shot of what looks like a single motor Deuce LOL I've seen 3 shots line that now.

great photo essay. I'm hoping our launch at CMASS is as nice!
Sounds like you guys had a fortunate day of rocketry. Boy, I really wish we could have a no-wind rocketry day outing. Looks like the weather was nice too. Awesome report and very nice pictures. Now, let's all sing together so that the weather is just as nice at Whitakers.
I especially liked this one:

My guess... a J350?
Yup...that was the J350...like you had to ask??? ;)

The Baby Bertha converison was well done and flew great! I knew you would get a kick out of that Jim...a Jazzy little rocket we could call the BB Deuce (after BB King of course) for Baby Bertha Deuce.

Glad you all liked the pics...it was a great time!

Originally posted by CTulanko
Our own Loopy got to get a first hand look himself...the first TRF'er to preview the Tres Upscale.

And all I gotta say is...wow. That thing is an absolute tank, but still pretty light for as strong as it is. Looking at the bottom, it's almost all motor, too. Absolutely amazing. You look at the pictures and it's awesome, but seeing it live and in person really pounds it home! It's a sweet bird!

I got there a little later in the day, but still had time to send up my oldest son's Thomas the Tank Engine Fat Boy (gotta get some pics of that on here), my youngest son's Quest Mirage, both on C6-5's, and my aerotech Strong Arm on an F52-5. Man, I love that motor, and the delay was perfect in that rocket. Arched over, and pop. Man, it was awesome!

I'm going to have to plan a couple road trips down there over the summer, since it's looking like Tripoli's season is gonna be shot for this year. Two more chances for this season and I'll be out of town for one of them... :mad:

Any of you Ohio flyers ever go to the WVSOAR launches at the Bob Evans farm? That's a little closer to home so we may head down there too.
I know some guys from Quark go to WVSOAR on occassion. Personally, that's too far for me, since I live in Dayton. I've heard it's a good time, though.

Well, at least you know they've got good eatin'! We stop by there regularly for breakfast on our annual road trip to South Carolina. It's about 90 min from here, QUARK's field would be around 2 hours. It looks like a good flying field but there's an awful lot of trees surrounding it. Guess it's alright if you stay low or use dual deployment.
Just my guess but I think TMO is cooked for the season. Even if the weather's good for this weekend the field is gonna be a mud bog. One weekend left...:eek:
Gary just posted something about possible launches at Goraj to try to get something going, at least. Take heart - you'll launch sometime...lol

By the way - even though it's two hours to VOA, I can tell you that it will be two hours well worth it. Not to mention, you could grab a room not too far from there and make a full weekend out of it. Might be kinda nice! The Quark guys always find a way to make it fun, and we love to have visitors...lol

Gary just emailed and said we should have some opportunities to fly at the new field throughout the summer. That is VERY good news! I was starting to give up hope on being able to do any HPR at all in our area during good weather. We'll still plan at least one road trip since we usually take the kids to King's Island in the summer.