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Apr 8, 2004
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Didn't really know where to put this so i put it in the General Forum.

I'm look to get a decent launcher to use on my clusters.
I don't really want to upgrade my estes launcher I may sell it or some to get some cash towards the new launcher.
But i don't wanna pay an arm and a leg for one either.
And I probably won't ever cluster more than 3 or 4 motors.

So here my question.....

Is this GoBox from Pratt Hobbies and good one?
Its pretty cheap and seems like it would work well.

Has anyone used this? how did it perform ..would you recomend it?


I would suggest building your own. There is no way of using 'ClipWhips' with a Estes controler , it doesn't thump out enough mAh or current to fire off clusters.
But then again I could make one for you to fire off clusters. PM me if your interested.
The Go Box looks like a good deal. The only question I'd have is how many amps it delivers.

I *can* comment on the quality of Pratt products and their service. I own the SureFire 2 launcher (which is nearly identical to the SureFire 3 they sell now.) It is a truly wonderful launcher. I absolutely love it - and it is worth every penny. I appreciate that I don't have to be tied to my vehicle to use it. And yes, it fires clusters well. The largest cluster I've gone with was 4 x Estes E engines, and all four lit immediately when the launch button was pressed.

Also, I had to send it back for a repair after I shorted it out once, and they fixed it with no charge (I did have to pay the shipping to send it, but not the return trip.) They were very, very nice and very, very helpful. I would certainly buy from them again if I needed/wanted to. If the overall quality of the GoBox is comparable with what I have, I'm sure you will not be disappointed.

OKTurbo has a SureFire2 system as well, and I'm sure he could chime in with his experience regarding Pratt Hobbies and thier products.
ForeCheck pretty much summed it up on the Pratt SureFire2 launch controller. I haven't had any problems with mine. I've had it for about 9 months now and it has never failed me. Estes ignitors....3x24mm clusters....Copperhead ignitors....it's lit them all.

I've never used a "Go Box", but if it's made by Pratt...then I would have no problem endorsing it. Doug Pratt is one of the "good guys"

Thnx for the help guys.
I email Mr. Pratt to see if I could find out how amps the Box would deliver. But that is what I'll probably go with.

Thnx again :D
As you know I make all my launch equipment, If your not going to make it yourself, Pratt hobbies Launch controllers are the only ones I'd ever suggest for anyone launching clusters. I'm not wild about the use of Clipwhips as sold but if your only going to do 2, 3 and 4 motors they will be OK.
Hope this helps
I use an ESTES command control launch system with two 7.2volt 1500ma/hr batteries & it works great. My charger gets them up in about 15Min. from the car
Cool , I've always wanted a Estes Command controler they look sweet. Most of the people in our club use them , they seem to be pretty reliable.
This is Mr. Pratt's reply to my question about how many amps the Box would deliver....

Since the GO Box is hooked up to a car battery, the amperage it can
deliver is dependent more on
the wiring than anything else. I have measured 20 amps through a GO Box
that was powered by a 40-
amp bench power supply. I'm sure it could pull that through a car

You might want to make your own pad cable for the GO Box. It wouldn't
be hard, since the connector
is a standard male RCA pin plug. The place to look for problems is with
the alligator clips. If
they're not making good contact, or not big enough to handle the
current, you have trouble heating
all the igniters at the same time.

Let me know how I can help you!

so it seems like a good system for clusters especially enough for 3 or even 4.

Yep, i have a surefire 2 from pratt and you could light a bonfire with it:D It ignites clusters all day long and i think i also looks the part:)