QCRS Launch March 18th Princeton Illinois

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Apr 8, 2013
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Naperville, Illinois
QCRS is having a launch on Saturday March 18, 2017 in Princeton Illinois.

Launches begin at 9:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm, weather permitting and attendance.

We have a standing waiver to 15,000 ft with no call ins.

Onsite vendor is: Wildman Hobbies.

Let's hope we have some great weather like we did at the February launch

See you all there.
Most likely will be there. No idea what I'll fly yet. Probably rockets.. rockets with motors.
I'm really going to have to make it out to one of those launches soon. To bad it's 6+ hours away.
I'm really going to have to make it out to one of those launches soon. To bad it's 6+ hours away.

You should join us for the 2 day May launch, or the 3 day Midwest Power. The local hotel is close and cheap!

Hope you can make it!
Time to get some chatter going again for our launch om March 18th.

Who's coming and whatcha bringing?

I'll be flying a very special 6 inch rocket with a photo op of the one and only that made it happen.
I'm in, weather dependent. Planning on 2 M's, 2 L's, and a couple of J's and I's. My 4 inch rocket on an M should hit 13,000 ft and Mach 1.3.

I built another EX M2300 like the one I flew last month - 6,000 N-s in 2.6 seconds. Should be another kick-in-the-pants flight.
Forecast looks good, although a bit windy (13mph max). Now i just need to make some motors and get rockets ready.
Almost done getting ready- will fly:

Interceptor sport on a G132 EX blue (Alumaflame)
Darkstar 2.6 on J412 EX (Not so wimpy)
4" punisher- on whatever I can get from Tim :)
My L2 rocket is not finished and I didn't want to rush it, but gonna come out to watch a few and pick up order from wildman.
Extra special thanks to rockdoc for being a one man army and running the launch today! Got 3 good flights in, including my first L motor flight (L1000 on my 4" Punisher).
Thank you Gary for running the show. J was sick, Brad had plans, I had plans, Steve had to work... crap! :(
Definitely a HUGE thank you to Gary for running the show. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help. On a side note to anyone who doesn't already know, Gary is the newest QCRS board member and we are proud to have him on board. Together we all have some good ideas and plans to continue to grow the club with a strong "core" group of board members and club members. We will soon have our new permanent storage container and have plans to build and improve the clubs infrastructure.

Thanks again Gary! We are lucky to have you aboard!
Thank you for all that came out and flew with us today.
Lots of great flights and all recovered successfully.
Special thank you for those that helped with setup and take down.
We'll see you all next month for another great launch.