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John Williams

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Dec 1, 2019
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Good morning everyone. After a review by the board it was determined that the club bylaws were breached in the election process by not providing a mail-in or an in-person option for members to vote as only an electronic option was given. The board has decided that this makes the election invalid and it must be conducted again.
The mail in ballots must be mailed to the QCRC PO box listed on our website. Members will also be allowed to vote in person at Midwest Power. An electronic option will be provided as well in the coming days. All ballots will be due by 5 PM Saturday October 30th. The winners will be announced at the Midwest power banquet. If you wish to be on the ballot please send your name and any profile information you would like to share to [email protected] by midnight Friday October 15th. That is this coming Friday so please don't delay.
The board of directors sincerely apologizes for the error that caused this confusion. Please understand that this has been discussed and the board fully agrees that it cannot continue to happen and we are all committed to doing better in the future. We thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.
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