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That is a big motor... but not the biggest. Kosdon East (now AMW) has built an R Motor!!! I have even seen the tubing used for making the case.. huge! (The original motor was lost when the rocket had a supersonic prang.... it barried itself about 30 feet underground...)
Holy crikeys. How would you hate to get hit by a rocket that burried itself 30 feet? Could you imagine what a car underneath would have looked like after getting hit? That would have made an ATF agents pants wet wouldn't it? :)
Yeah. It made a huge crator. It turned the hard desert earth into mud.... the impact released so much energy that it displaced the moisture from the soil.
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: wooo dawgies! 30 feet... Thats quite a ways! I wouldent want to be underneath THAT thing.... I wonder what would happen if it landed on concrete....
ahh, yes the R motor, an R17,542 to be exact. It flew to an estimated 90,000 feet, and if i remember correctly they could only recover a few pieces with a backhoe. The rest of it still lies below the surface of Black Rock.

Ky has an S20,000 in his most recent spaceshot vehicle. Built by Rick Loher. THAT is a BEASTY MOTOR folks!:eek: :D

If you haven't seen this already, here is a video of Ky's 2000 spaceshot on an R: https://www.ahpra.org/videos/KySShot.mpg

At supersonic speeds, anything is as hard as concrete!.... Especially a dry desert floor!

Great video. I did not know the rocket broke up? I thought it just had failure of the recovery system?
Yeah, the breakup was at about 40,000 feet. One of the WELDED on aluminum fins got ripped off by windshear. The rocket was going nearly Mach 4.5 at the time!:D :kill:

I have some designs that show potential that i guarentee will take at least Mach 6. I wonder if Ky is in need of anyone else to join his CSXT team!:rolleyes:
I cant get it to load.:mad: What am I doing wrong? I click the link, I get a blank white page. :confused:

Try right clicking on the link and selecting "Save Target As". This will download the movie onto your hard drive.

Thanks! Thats quite a video... Could use some editing, though. "HOLY **** ITS BROKEN UP!!!!!!" How rude!;)

"rated PG13, for mild language" LOL. Thats what it should say....