Q-Modeling Vega Landing Pod repair

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Feb 1, 2009
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I flew my Q-modeling MRS Super Vega three times last season and broke the same landing pod twice. The chute tangled on the upper fins on the second flight and it came down hard. The pod tube tore and separated at the cone-pod joint. I repaired it but it broke again on the third flight even though the landing did not appear to be too hard. I guess it was weak from the first repair and that's why it broke again.
So I ordered a new landing gear assembly. The next few pictures show the main points of the repair.

First, the new pod cone held up to the broken pod cone. I did not want to remove the broken cone from the fin because I felt it would take alot of effort to recreate the really nice fillets I had made!
I marked the broken cone 3/4 of an inch from the shoulder and cut this off with a #13 X-acto saw blade. I slowly cut on the line completely around the tube before I cut through.
I used an Estes 18mm "yellow tube" that is supposed to simulate an 18mm engine casing because it fit perfectly inside the nose cone tube. I dry-fitted it together to see how much would stick out.
I then used CA to glue the yellow tube to the inside of the upper cone first.
After it dried for a few minutes, I glued the new pod assembly onto the yellow tube. I am a little concerned about the strength of the glue joint. I didn't want to add too much weight to the bottom of the rocket. All I need now is to paint the new landing gear!
I will fly this again at the May 1st CMASS launch in Amesbury!
Here is a pic of my Vega before its first flight!
Too bad that they can't always look this good!!
Good job on the repairs. I hope it holds together because that is one extremely beautiful rocket. I've been thinking about ordering the Qmodeling kit for quite a while now...I think I might just have to build one.