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Dec 4, 2003
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My website will be in-accessable for about a week, while the domain is transferred to my new my building pics will only be accessable as attachments.

Having finished the Executioner, except for the bottom centering ring and paint, I decided to change gears and quickly put together one of the small kits I Estes Python.

This first image shows the motor mount...

The rocket looming in the background is the Exec in it's primer coat.
This shows the nubs on the boat-tail being sanded off. Behind it is the body tube, marked for attachments.

The Executioner can still be seen looming in the background, as well.
The Python's motor mount has been installed in the body tube. It's supposed to hang out the end like that...that's where the boat-tail goes...

Meanwhile, the Exec continues to loom :D
Ok, some additional pics for ya'll :D ...

This image shows the many, many balsa fins cut out from their sheets, an the boat-tail mounted on the main body tube:
This image shows three of the main fins attached, and the first conduit glued on...
In this last image, the main body is almost done. All four main fins are attached, and three of the four long, thin fins have been mounted above them, on the conduits.