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Feb 5, 2004
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To All,
This is a reminder that the Potter Youth Rocketry Organization, (PYRO) is having a two day this August 14-15 in Potter, NY. Flying hours will be from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM each day. There will be a Port-A-Potty on site for the weekend. The field is a 1500 acre farm field with an extra 10,000 acres attached and all down wind of the range head. We will be flying with a constant 15,000' AGL Waiver both days. Either pack a picnic lunch with you or visit the Potter Corner Store and Restaurant one mile from the field.

We are expecting several youth groups to attend this weekend, 1-2 '4H' groups will be there, 3-4 Scout troops will be there, and many spectators from the ESL International Airshow should be there as well.

We will have a total of 16 pads set up on the range with 10 low power pads, 5 mid power pads and 1 high power away pad. We will be using our new launch controller from which we can do drag races if requested. Our low power pads consist of two racks of pads with 1/8" to 3/16" rods available. The 5 mid power pads will consist of 1 Magnum pad, two strong home made Chad pads and two Aerotech pads with 6' long 3/16"and 1/4" rods and a 6' small Black sky rail. We will be flying up to a K impulse off these mid power pads. The high power away pad is a Launch Pad special with an 8' footprint, it is capable of launching a 200 lb rocket. We have an 8' 1/2" rod, a large 9' Black sky rail, and a one piece large extreme rail (1.5x1.5) for this pad. (we do not have a unistrut rail as of yet) We will be flying K trough M impulse off this pad.

There will be at least 3 featured flights this weekend. One being Marvin, a level 3 rocket that is 5.5" in diameter and 12' long. He will be flying on Saturday afternoon with an Animal Motor Works M1850 Green Gorilla motor. This motor is noted for the huge green flame that it produces during flight. Also featured will be Marty Dorociak's dual cluster hybrid rocket GemiNOS. Marty will be bring his special 'X Rockets' dual stem filler for this flight. Also, there will be a stretched, dual recovery Iroc Extreme flying on a J800 on Sunday.

We hope you have a chance to join us this weekend, for more information about us and the organization, go to to find out more.

Mike Dutch
PYRO Board Chairman