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Jun 26, 2016
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I decided I needed a better way to store my rockets than just leaning them against a wall or corner of two walls, so I started putting together some 3/4" SCH 40 PVC, some 90* Elbows, and a few 4-Ways. Appropriately sized Dowels and/or spent motor casings are wrapped with Blue Painters Tape until they fit snugly into the 90* Elbows (If I had a lathe, I'd probably turn down larger dowels to fit the PVC and then turn them down more for the motor mounts instead of wasting tape, but compared to a lathe, tape is cheap!) Right now it's only sized for 18 and 24 mm motors. Nothing is glued together, only press-fit, making it infinitely expandable, and the wide foot print means I can move it, loaded with rockets, into my van for transport.
IMG_2296 (Edited).jpgIMG_2294 (Edited).jpg
Looks good, I should do this as well. Right now most of mine are just standing upright on a shelf waiting for me to knock them over like a row of domino's!
I used 3/8" or 1/2" dowels, whatever fit inside a 18mm Estes motor. I glued them in and then drilled holes in a wood strip to mount the motors. I put the strips in a ladder frame to make a stand for my rockets. In your case, you could probably just run a single 1" or 1 1/4" PVC in a rectangle and drill holes it for the dowels. Might save the cost of the elbows, etc. Not that they cost that much, but they do add up.

Nice stand BTW
When I was a teen I had done the dowels in a 2x6 and actually have been contemplating doing that again and mounting it to a wall as a floating shelf. The ladder frame idea is good too. IIRC 1/2" dowels worked for the 18mm mounts.