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May 2, 2009
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my Cheetah
it's my first mid-power kit, but due to the tiny field i fly from, i'll be sticking to D or E powered flights for now, i think. we'll see.

the kit went together easily and seems pretty darn solid!

i'll put up a pic when she's done
I got pretty good results flying my Cheetah with a D12-5 from a small field, if you launch pretty much straight up. I'd go with an E9-4 for my first flight with an E & see if you need a little longer delay. I finally lost mine at an HP launch, back in Jan., but I really liked the Cheetah. It flies really well on the Econo Jet F.:eek:

Looks Great... You know you can't go wrong with a RED rocket...!!!
maybe with a black fin and black launch lugs...
or all black fins and one red one...
i'll look at her for awhile and it will come to me

thanks for looking!
i photoshopped it to show the final paint scheme
i'll finish it tonight or tomorrow i think
fly on saturday!
[/sam kinnison}

i remember now...
i can't paint for beans!
hoping to fly them this weekend!
the one on the left was supposed to be an 24mm E-powered alpha clone, but the fins are a bit out of proportion, the Aerotech Cheetah in the middle is my first real mid-power rocket, and the other one i call fade to black...it looks more red than orange in the pic, but it's really orange and black. it has an 18mm mmt.