Purple People Eater--another Stickershock23 job....

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Jan 17, 2009
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Just got finished rebuilding from a crash at METRA last November (courtesy of a weak ejection charge--story here: https://www.rocketryplanet.com/forums...ad.php?t=5124).

The "Purple People Eater" is a 3" diameter tubefin rocket built with a 29mm mount. Built as a "big dumb rocket", incorporating an ejection baffle, you can prep and fly on single use motors in a few minutes. I've built a series of these things at various scales over the last couple years, and am planning a 4" dual deploy version as my L2 project for this fall.

Will be flying this one on Gs and Hs (maybe a small I) this year. This is a nice "big" rocket for the kids to see when I run build and fly sessions a few times a year. On single use Gs, it doesn't go too high, and makes plenty of noise and flame.

Thanks to Stickershock23 for the neon green decals! Quality product and FAST turnaround.

Great looking rocket. That thing will get off the ground with a G?
Yeah, it will get to 500-600' or so on a G. Not a record-breaker, but tubefins never are. The thing is actually lighter than it looks, being made from cardboard tubing and a plastic nosecone. I have been using G77 and G80 single use motors in the thing, but plan to try larger motors this year, with the purchase of some 29mm RMS hardware as soon as Uncle Sam sends my tax refund...:)

I do "Build and Fly your own Rocket" classes a few times a year for local homeschool groups, and the "low and slow" G-powered flights on this thing allow it to be flown on smaller fields, and give the kids a real show of noise and flame from a "big" rocket. I usually bring some larger HPR rockets along to show, but this one is the biggest one that I actually can fly on a small field.