Pumpkin Head...he's back and better than ever!

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Jan 25, 2009
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Well, it's a new month and time for another release. The 24mm powered Pumpkin Head is back and with some new schwagg! Thanks to Mark over at Stickershock, it comes with a 2 color set of decals that's frankly...pretty darn cool.:D
He also helped this project along by building painting and putting the decals on!
The website is ALMOST up and running but until then, the kit is TRF priced at $15.75 plus S/H. You can e-mail me if you would like to place an order.



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Looks great! Email sent. Stickershock does a great job!

Thanks Guys,

I actually did that build. I should have taken pictures along the way.. Maybe next time.

The Kit was Very well made, Instructions are very precise and easy to follow. Top quality parts

In all I thought it was a very fun kit to build! With a 24mm motor mount, and Semroc 18" chute It should also perform very well!

I'm looking forward to a few Black powder flights, then punching it hard with an Aerotech E-15 or E-30

I give the Kit TWO ROCKETS UP!! Well worth the price Thrustline is asking.

Welcome back John.

Oooh, nice kit. Two please! Email sent.

(Nice paint job, Mark. Yours looks looks great)
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