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Jan 18, 2009
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So I'm setting here at the computer last night, and my wife says "What do you want for Christmas this year?". I've had my eye on the P.E. Performer for a while now, and the price is very reasonable. I told her I wanted the dual deploy version, and added, that since it was dual deploy, I'd need an altimeter :D

Has anyone had experience with this kit? Is it a good choice for a first dual deploy capable rocket? I've got a PML Endeavor, but have decided to build it stock instead of dual deploy.

Thoughts, tips, ect., much appreciated.

The 4" P.E. Extreme Performer is my bird of choice for L2...I highly recomend it.

I have an unbuilt kit in my shop right now with dual deploy option, that I picked up on auction for a mere $59...You need to know anything about this bird and I'll fill yer ear full.

Pictured is me just before L2 on a HyperTEK Hammerhead J300...
I too have a performer with dual deployment, I used it for my L2 flight this summer.
It flies great and is an easy build for some one with a few builds under their belt.
I bought the 4" Extreme Performer (dual deployment) last fall. I certified level one and two this year with it. It is affordable and flys great. The 'chute is too small. My rocket came in at 7 lbs, so you might need to upgrade your main 'chute.

I've flown it six times on 38mm AT motors. I got an adapter for the 54mm mount. Motors flown: I211W, I300T, I195J, I435T, J350W, and J420R.

I've been using a Missile Works RRC2 altimeter. I have not had a bad flight yet.
I bought one of these (PE Performer) and I think it's a good value kit. If I ever find the time to finish it I'll let you know how it flys on a Loki J528

Thanks for the tips and experiences. My decision is final, that's what I want for Christmas. From everyone's opinions, and my own assumptions, it sure is a lot of rocket for a very reasonable price. Their web site states weight at about 2.5 pounds, which seemed awful light.
Now, if Christmas would just hurry up and get here :p
Mine weighed in at 6.5 lbs with motor. but I over build all my kits.
Mine weighed in @ 9 pounds, but HyperTEK systems are somewhat heavier motor systems...dang, makes me want to start yet another winter project. ;)
I told her I wanted the dual deploy version, and added, that since it was dual deploy, I'd need an altimeter

You're pro at that. You're my hero!!! I'll can learn from that!!!
:D :D :D
Back in 1998, Public Enemy used to offer a 6" Dia. Ultra Extreme Performer, what a beast that was...They do not offer it now, but if you sweet talked them, I believe you can speacial order one. It came with phenolic tubing, and PML glass cone.

Here is the only review I found on this one:

Here is my original review I wrote on the 4" Extreme Performer after my Level 2 in 1999...I forgot I wrote this crazy thing:
Christmas is a long time to here is a page cut from a web site that is totally nuts about P.E. Kits...or at least they were. Here is a link to the Extreme Performer page, that includes a rare shot and video of the 6" Extrmeme Performwer burning on an L motor... warned, this site has a lot of flash or something, so dial-up take a little longer to load.