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Jan 4, 2009
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Just gotta share it . . .

My 9-year old son, who's a cub scout, received the Boy Scout Heroism Medal on Friday from National HQs. They presented it too him at the Western Alaska Executive Counsel meeting. But, the neatest thing, that had my tears welling up, is that they gave him a two-minute standing ovation!!!

The short story is that he saved his 6-year old sister this past summer when our canoe tipped over on a glacier river. While mom got stranded on the opposite side of the river, and I floated down stream, he grabbed onto his sister's lifevest and got them both to shore - then "buddy-huddled" to conserve heat.
Bring tears to my eyes just reading that! I bet your proud! He's a smart kid to know that was a dangerous situation and what he needed to do.

Give 'em a hug for me.

(still teary eyed - not usually that way!)
Standing Ovation! I've always thought the only true measure of a man is what he does when faced with life altering snap decisions. Your boy's cut fom good cloth. This will have a positive impact on him throughout life.

Wow! You must be so proud of him.
Did he enjoy the ceremony? I hope he did!
There is no feeling like having justified pride in your children's accomplishments. Congratulations to both of you. A most heartwarming story.
Applause!! Applause!!

You should be proud!

My 9-year-old is a Cub Scout too...
Thanks for sharing--it brought tears to this mom's eyes as well.

When I was a girl I witnessed my teenage cousin save his little brother's life. He had *just* completed a Boy Scout course in aquatic lifesaving and when we got to the pond he didn't miss a beat. Kept on breathing for him until the rescue squad arrived.

I'd give that son of yours a standing ovation myself if I could. :)
Originally posted by akpilot Just gotta share it . . .
I'm glad you did share it. There are times in our children's lives when we notice that their maturity has advanced to the next level. Obviously your son matured a lot that day and it is good that his heroic act was rewarded and recognized.

Scouting programs don't seem as "chic" in our world of today as they once were, which is truly a shame. Even though you had probably discussed boating safety issues with your children, the formality and structure provided by scouting programs in these areas most likely kept a dire situation from becoming tragic. The demonstrations and practice made available under non-stressful conditions were put to use by your son that day because he had learned and knew what to do.

Bravo to you for teaching your kids the proper safety skills.

Bravo to Scouting programs for making useful and practical training available to kids everywhere.

Bravo, bravo, bravo to your son for learning those skills and putting them to use!

Yes....thanks for sharing. There is hope for the future after all...

This good turn deserves 3 big Hows...

You guys are great!

I'm going to have him read these when he gets home from school today.

Thanks to everyone . . . sincerely