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Jan 13, 2004
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It was a georgous day today, and I helped a neighbor cut some trees down. The sun was setting but I knew I could still squeeze in a few launches. The neighbor has three boys (10 and under) so I envited them over.

The oldest gave me that look like he would rather go watch tv, so I told him "I know it doesn't sound fun... but when was the last time he set something off that went 2000 feet and 300 mph at his house?" I had his attention (hee hee)

Now this sort of made my jaw drop... After the first launch, the 10 yr old says to me..."You know what would be cool... If they made one you could launch, and glide back under remote control." After I shut my mouth I told him they have made some! I knew this kids' wheels were turnin' now.

Anyway, and on to why Dad is proud today. My eight year old designed a rocket on RocSim. I told him if it would fly on the program, we would build it. Today was the Maiden Voyage of his first scratch rocket! (8 yrs old mind you) Course I had to help with the dangerous stuff.

Fantastic flight! The fastest and highest of all the rockets today. Straight and true on a C11-5. What a way to end the day!! He was so proud, and so was I.

Here is a pic, complete with Yu-gi-oh (sp?) stickers.
Good Deal! Scratch building at eight years old, starting out right! I like the inverted fins.