Protective clear tubes for motor casings

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Jan 29, 2013
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Back in 2013-14 I bought a bunch of protective tubes for motor casings from a company that I have completely lost track of. The tubes were clear vinyl/plastic thin tubing with black rubber covers for both ends, and they were (in my mind) a perfect way of protecting the casing from dings and scratches from rough storage. They were cut to size for each motor casing, with various thicknesses to accommodate standard 24/29/38/54/75/98mm sizes.

Does anyone have any idea who sold these or what the company name was? I suspect they are no longer in business...

I tried to look at some of plastics companies for similar bulk tubing and end caps but was not successful.

You can also get shipping tubes from Mcmaster Carr as well. A little cheaper than uline, but essentially the same product. I now use the plastic mesh sleeves so I can store smaller diameter motors inside larger diameter motors. Saves storage space. I then put them into the plastic shipping tubes so I know what motor is where.