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KLOUDBusters Chief Logistician
TRF Supporter
Jan 22, 2009
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Wichita, KS
Lately I've been thinking about all the money that dedicated rocket folks put into advertising on the Discovery Channel and magazines with as the centerpiece of these ads. I’m thinking it is again time to re-stoke the rocketry promotion fire to enhance the long-term viability of the hobby at all levels. What would be a neat next step would be a t-shirt campaign which would promote rocketry via the web-site. We could wear the shirts when launching, when we do educational/promotional talks, to work on casual Fridays, to our kid’s soccer and t-ball games; indeed almost everywhere. They would be sort of living billboards. Surely someone could come up with a cool design with the URL incorporated. The shirts could be sold via the NAR, TRA, and sites and possibly by vendors. Even local clubs could be involved in selling them at launches, especially at big events like LDRS, NARAM, etc., if desired. My thought would be to keep the profit margin reasonably low to encourage participation, but any profits could go toward future related advertising budget. For really low cost, an option would be for some vendor(s) to underwrite production of the shirts. In that case, their logo(s) could be put on the sleeves.

I’ve read posts on various on-line resources about how the general public’s awareness of rocketry has been raised by the TV shows and by the added publicity with regard to regulation. Getting the web-site out there will invite the curious to stop by and see what we’re about. The bait, if you will. It will be left to the local clubs to set the hook and reel in new members.

Is there any interest in something like this? Are here any creative folks out there who can come up with clever design? Who has the resources to be in charge?

I’ve sent this to the TRA list, NarPrez, and a few vendors I know. Please feel free to copy it to any vendors or local club lists as desired.

Lance Lickteig
TRA 8569
well, i know that my 1942 clan had a memeber who made us shirts, cups, mousepads etc. with our logo...

if i can get it touch with him it would be good...