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Jan 18, 2009
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Hey all,

Arthur Dent, Cydermaster and I were just talking about how we need more Brits on here. The best practical soloution of promoting this amazing forum was to place an ad in 10, 9, 8... (The UKRA's quaterly newsletter/magazine). With the permission of the mods, we would like to place a half page B/W ad in the next issue. The cost of that is £5 and any donations would be apreciated, but not necassary! Before commiting, we would like to see what the reaction is and if we could have permission to use a couple of the forums graphics.

Thanks in advance,

Wik - I have left a special attention note for Milo and Phil - as the admins they are the owners of TRF. The rest of us lowly moderators are just unpaid and overly abused lackies. :D

I'm sure you will here from Milo/Phil soon. I think they are both in remedial reading class today. They should be home soon.
Yeah, and Ken will start his class next month so his kids don't have to type his TRF replies anymore. (Kiss my grits Ken!) :)

Seriously, I'm perfectly fine with it. If you don't mind just let the mods see it to "soft-approve" it. I'm sure you will do a good job at representing TRF though.

Thanks for the support bro.
overheard at a recent launch...

"oh, you want to see a GREAT forum? Go to TRF"

"um, how do you spell that??"

ain't namin' names...

sorry, couldn't resist...
now, back to our regularly scheduled program...
WIK...sounds great man!!! Thanks for wanting to "pass the word" so to speak and I hope you have a great launch!

Great idea you guys! Sorry I missed the chat last night, I tried but couldn't get to the computer.
LoL I get that too. I usually fight my way to it and tell them its "homework" :)
Originally posted by KenParker
I'm sure you will here from Milo/Phil soon.
Phil, we actually have Ken signed up for remedial spelling class.

I'm no good at this advertising thing. Phil is the creative one.