Proline Rocketry Arcas. Any experiences?

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Nov 25, 2009
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Central Illinois
Did anyone ever get and build one of these:

They're out of production but I remember when they were initially on "special" for much less. Kinda regret I didn't take advantage of it several years ago as it seemed like an interesting kit with the pre-fabbed fins.
If I recall correctly there were some production lags but I think some of them got out to fliers hands. Any experiences? Kurt
Dennis W. has one... and flew it this last May on a Loki L-2050 (54/4000)...

As I recall, they were unstable.
The real rocket is shot from a "launch tube" that imparts 150ft/sec launch velocity.
The fins are "iffy" at best without this help at take off.
I have not built or flown mine, but I have simulated it. While the machined aluminum fins make it a little bottom heavy, I have not seen any stability issues with moderate-thrust 54mm motors. Worst-case, you could add some nose weight to balance with the heaviest motor you intend to fly.


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