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Look at legal size card stock if you want to do slightly longer tubes, that can still run through most printers. :)
Going with a plastic nose cone for now, but then I realized I will have a hard time color matching the blue body tube unless I print up a nose cone and card it up. Here's the skinny mini with a couple of other rockets for size comparison, not too shabby!

This template uses couplers to join the three 9 inch tubes, I would have a pretty hard time rolling a tube much longer than that, the glue starts to set as you work your way down the seam, maybe I need to break out the old monocote iron and try that technique.
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OK, I've been looking at this stuff again and I'm ready to create some more stuff. I do have a question, though. I have been tinkering around with formulas for ogives and ellipticals (All the noses created so far were just eyeballed to get the profile to look more or less correct) because I'be needed them for designing 3D printed nose cones. The question is, are the existing nose cones good enough, or should I go back and recreate them for a better looking profile? The main difference would be adding one more segment to many of the nose cones (so instead of a nose being built from a cylinder, a cone, and two conical transitions, there would be 3 conical transitions. Are you guys willing to put in a bit more work (more pieces) for a better looking nose cone, or is what we have now sufficient?

You are most welcome! I haven't done any more with this, but I should. I still build paper models, but most of them are for competition (they are perfect for duration events - if one thermals away or ends in a tree, you don't have a big investment in them, plus they are lighter than using standard rocket parts). Please post pics here when you finish - I love to see what others have done with my designs!


What do you use for a mandrel when you are rolling the tubes? Wanting to build a few for some events this spring, trying to learn all I can from others' experience first!

I like the 13 mm cone, not too much work, and it looks pretty nice when done. It might be nice to see how an extra transition would help the shape. those little cone tip pieces can't get much smaller though. One suggestion, is to make the glue tabs the same color as the cone parts, so if you have a slight gap in the seam, it won't show up as a bright white gap, it will be the same color, a little more forgiving. I also take a marker to the edge of each piece before assembly so that the edge of the paper matches the color of the printed cone parts, that way you don't have a white edge. Of course if you print on a color paper, then the glue tabs and edges will already match color.
My 2-cents is that for BT60 and below, extra NC detail isn't worth it. On bigger ones, yes.
Could there be a continued version? Preferably larger BT-70< tube models?
Could there be a continued version? Preferably larger BT-70< tube models?

Once you build a few of these templates, you get a feel for how to create your own. I scratch built a 2.7" dia rocket with 24mm power, it required a few more centering rings to the through tube for support. It was an experiment to see what body tube I could make from one single 8.5"x11" sheet of paper. That is a little bit bigger than a BT-70 (2.217"). Just smaller than a Big Daddy (3" dia).
Wow - It has been a while since I first posted this thread. But I've had some interest in paper rocketry over on Facebook, and I thought I'd return to this thread. Yes, I'm still tinkering with paper rockets and I might just get back to this project soon. We'll see how it goes. Oh, and a teaser of something I'm working on: I wanna see if I can make a four inch diameter paper upscale of the Goblin and fly it. We'll see!
Oh, and a teaser of something I'm working on: I wanna see if I can make a four inch diameter paper upscale of the Goblin and fly it. We'll see!
Looking forward to this.

I've used your BT-20 nose cone design. My skills aren't up to making them very pretty, but they work well.
This, plus a couple of @hcmbanjo's, are probably what I'm doing after I finish the other three kit builds on the pile. I hate sanding, and I'm feeble at painting. But I can drive a mouse and use graphics software, so ... maybe I can make something nice.

Belated thanks, Greg, for all the work you did on these oh so long ago.