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Truly a great site!

Wonderful high resolution photos which load quick enough on a dialup connection.

Really well organized with thumbnails big enough to tell if you want a further look.

Warning: don't go to this site if you have other stuff you need to get done. :D
True.... you could loose hours looking at all those images. My favorite is in the Apollo 11 section, page 2... the series of Earthrise images.

That had to be so surreal watching the Earth come over the horizon. Man.. to be able to walk on the Moon.
I used to have that and several other Apollo websites bookmarked. But I found it too depressing spending so much time at sites like that which inevitably lead to thoughts concerning the inexcusable backslide we've taken since then. The fact that sites like this and this are now needed is remarkable. Superimpose that with a 20 year timeline just to get back to where we were 35 years ago, and the herculean effort that will be required to sustain the public and political will to achieve that. There I go again...depressing...