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Jan 17, 2009
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Houston, TX
Well, I made a lot of progress on my Quest Intruder yesterday and today. This is the model that I've very very slowly been assembling in my office during my lunch hour. Friday at lunch I cut out and sanded the edges of the fins, which consist of a total of 10 pieces of die-cut balsa. Friday evening at home I assembled the fins w/ CA glue and also glued them to the body tube w/ CA glue, using Greg's patented method of punching small holes in the BT where the fins will be glued on to let the CA not only adhere to the fin edge and to the outside of the BT, but also to 'soak' into the BT and make 'rivet' attachment points for the fins. Today I did the fillets along the upper sides of the fins w/ white glue, and tomorrow I'll fillet the lower sides.

I'm probably going to actually prime and paint this one, since it comes with some nice 'decals' that are actually just thin stickers.

Here's a review of the Intruder on EMRR:

Has anyone else flown one of these, and have you seen the apparent stability problems that Nick of EMRR saw? None of the other flght logs mentioned it, and John Coker's review didn't either.

-John T.-
Tonight, my 4 year old and I went to Wal-Mart and picked up a can of Krylon gray primer and a can of Krylon blue paint, which he picked out.

Not sure what I'll do for decals/stickers now, since the stock paint color was going to be white.
The Intruder is now primed, sanded slightly, and painted Krylon blue.

The nose cone is just bare white plastic, and the white stripes on the wings were masked off when I painted it blue.

Here's a picture, with any luck.
hey, I like that blue color!

we finished ours to look like the card - white with stickers. we had no stability problems but as always look really carefully at your fin alignment.