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Jan 19, 2009
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This forum is only for reviews about:

1. Products of which you have no financial/ownership stake in the company that makes/sells it
2. Companies in the industry.

Our vendors are the lifeblood of our hobby -- without them, we have no products to enjoy. As such, TRF's management has established the following policy in an effort to make sure that vendors are treated fairly, while at the same time, allowing members to express legitimate concerns.

1) Before posting, you are expected to have contacted the vendor, and given them at least a week to respond and resolve the issue. Be fair, and give them an honest chance to fix the issue. Be reasonable in your expectations. Provide a date on which you initiated contact, and how you did so. Trying several contact methods is highly encouraged -- be fair.

2) If the vendor has offered you an equivalent replacement (exchange product, refund, etc), then the issue is resolved. Don't post about it, unless your objective is to post something positive, and the initial issue is needed to explain the resolution.

3) Stick to the facts. Leave the emotion and opinions out of it. A post made in a fit of anger isn't constructive, for anyone involved.

4) If the vendor later comes back and resolves the problem (see #2), be fair and post a followup indicating that the problem has been resolved.

5) If you are not directly involved in the transaction, stay out of it. The exception is those offering possible constructive routes to resolution. Posts by those not directly involved, which are not offering ideas on resolution, or asking for clarification of the issue, will be removed. Repeat violators will receive infractions. Being a "long time friend" of either party doesn't mean you're involved. Posting "on someone's behalf" isn't acceptable, either. If someone has a reason they can't post to the forum, they need to contact a staff member, not a forum member.

6) Post only things that are current. No dredging up the past. Don't air dirty laundry.

7) Follow the spirit of the rules, not the letter. Any posts that, in the staff's opinion, violate this, will be removed. Tone matters -- the tone with which your post is written will affect how it is viewed when it is being evaluated.

8) If the staff removes a post complaining about a member, do not repost it -- doing so will result in an infraction. This also means that you can't go back and reword it later. If it's important enough to post, then it's important enough to take the time to post in a useful way.

9) Vendor issues will be put into a single thread per Vendor to keep this forum efficient. Please source the thread about the Vendor, if you cannot locate one, then please start one.
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