Probably Bad But I'll ask anyways - changing delay...

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Aug 3, 2004
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I have some E16-7s that I wish were more like E16-5s. The reason for this is my Mustang flew on F21-7's and the ejection was pretty late, I'm figuring that my E16 will be a disaster. However, I'm flying on a smaller field so I really want to use E's, and Aerotech does recommend 7 second - maybe I just build them heavy or something.

So..... I thought I would ask. Anyone have any advise as to how to shorten the delay of an RMS motor? :D

No lectures please....

Its my understanding that you can "drill" the delay from the top(?) perhaps 1/32" and that will take off a second you might try 1/16" ...
I've not used the technique myself but I know it is a rather common one for HPR motors.... Its sorta like the the tool that you can buy for the Pro38 drill into the delay X amount and the delay is shorted cause the hot gases break thru earlier igniting the ejection charge.....

heres a URL that uses against RMR where you can read more about the technique:

Now some may say this is an end user modification and against the safety code......I would think that Aerotech may allow this end user modification as Cesaroni Tech allows it....

Cesaroni/Pro38 motors are adjusted in almost exactly this way, except that the delay element unplugs from the front of the propellant assembly, and the manufacturer-supplied tool is used to drill into the surface of the delay propellant facing the main propellant. The net result is the same... there is less thickness of delay-propellant between the main chamber and the ejection powder than the undrilled delay grain had, so the powder ignites sooner.)

If you have any doubts, don't tell and nobody will ask.......
I wouldn't try it. It is, imho, motor modification. What you can do however, is ask someone at a launch if they can trade you a 4 second white lightning delay for the 7 second. Not any other delay, a 4 second BlackJack or Blue Thunder delay is NOT a 4 second white lightning delay. Always match the delay with the propellant type of the motor.
I was gonna suggest drilling it out, just like the Proxx motors, but didn't want to.. I did not want to be responsible for a blow by, or some other bad thing happening.. I bet it would work, but the simple fact that it isn't designed to do that worries me...
Originally posted by boomer
So..... I thought I would ask. Anyone have any advise as to how to shorten the delay of an RMS motor? :D

Trade with someone.
Delay elements for RMS motors are available seperately and in different sizes.
Cost is around 2 bucks.
Only drawback is they come 5 to a pack so you end up with extras.

Thanks all for your replies. I will not be launching at a club launch, so no trading available.

Never seen these delays sold separately - got a vendor in mind?
I may have spoke too soon.
I buy my delay elements from Commonwealth Displays but after just looking at their site I see the smallest delay element they stock is for an F37.
Delay cutters are common in HPR. I've used one for everything from an E-18 to a J-350, and it works well. 1/32" is equal to 1 second of delay. If you don't have one then use an 1/8 drill bit (turned by hand only) and make the hole in the center of the delay at the end facing the bp charge powder. I kind of look at it from safety...If the delay is way to long and the rocket separates you have pieces coming down that may be moving lots faster than parachute speed. If you shorten the delay and get the chute out on time the whole rocket will come down under chute in one piece.
Andy from Polecat Hobbies shortened the delay in one of my G-64 reloads, taking it from 10 seconds to 6 seconds by using the screwdriver method. He said his rule of thumb is using a small screwdriver, each twist was one second off the delay.