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Jan 30, 2009
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This past weekend I traveled to Alexandria, La. to see some boat racing like I used to do some 16 years ago. Of course, I was also going to be on the lookout for some bargains in my passion now...ROCKETS! Anyway first here are some FAST boats!:)
Okay, here are my finds....I stopped at various places...HOBBY LOBBY...MICHAELS...TOYS R US...:) In the clearance section at a HOBBY LOBBY, I found several SUPER NOVA PAYLOADERS, ZENITH II, POLARIS, SUPERBIRD, CUSTOM AZTEC...all at $4.50 each. I bought the payloader for the nose....I am building a PHOTON DISRUPTER and the nose looked like a good one for it...but on opening the kit, I went back and bought another I wish I had bought them all. It built into a very nice rocket! The parts alone are maybe worth $10.00. The Estes BLAST-OFF packs I got at a TOYS R US for $15.00 each! I bought 3 and left maybe 3 more on the shelf....WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!:eek:
I found some D12-3s in a WAL-MART....last ones I found at a WAL-MART I bought for 75 cents for the 2-pack...but these were $4.95...still a bargain. Here is one of the SUPER NOVA PAYLOADER....I set it up for Estes E power.:) Has anyone flown one of these??
Originally posted by billEblurzz
350cc methanol burning hydro....expansion chambers...that is not the driver by the way...;)

...a rocketeer maybe? :D :eek: :kill: (ok, bricks are flying towards my head as we speak!)
crazy! thanks for posting those... many moons ago, I small time raced a checkmate with a(sorta) stock merc 50 hp... that combo often scared the heck out of me ... I couldn't imagine doing 100 mph in a small hydro!
Originally posted by billEblurzz
Here is one of the SUPER NOVA PAYLOADER....I set it up for Estes E power.:) Has anyone flown one of these??

I've got a couple I picked up cheap at HL. I've only built one and have flown it several times on D12's. It flies great. And like you said, it does build into a pretty nice rocket, good size.
Once at a club launch, a guy launched one on an E, and I launched mine next on a D. I thought the D made for a better flight, but I don't know how he built his. Maybe the weight is in that range where a D is better than an E? Or maybe he just built his with epoxy? I built mine with CA. Either way, it's a great flier.

I got a couple pencams I've been wanting to put in the payload, but I've got to build a timer for them.

Yep, he's got to be one of us!!!;) ;) I guess old age changes a person's outlook....I was MORE excited about the $15.00/box Estes BLAST-OFF packs than I was about the boat races....:rolleyes: :eek: