Pro 3D Printer $10-25k budget. Thoughts? Reccomendations?

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dr wogz

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Feb 5, 2009
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A call out to the professionals who have one in their department.

I've been given the task of looking to see what is out there, what is new. Personally I'm not expecting much...

We Currently have a MakerGear M2 and an Fusion3 360. We love the Fusion3!! And yes, We are looking at / have looked at 3DS and Stratasystem machines, but the jump in $$ is steep! (We are entertaining the thought of a 2nd hand machine). SLA seems to still be a "unique" type, but still a relatively small build volume. I see "Airwolf" & 'A type' are new players, and the usuals still holding their ranks in the various online reviews. (Lulz, Ultimaker, Maker gear, etc..)

We are a small-ish design team, and use it to prototype parts, machined and sheet metal mostly. We love the Fusion3 for the print size & materials it's able to print (like most these days).

So, thoughts, opinions, ideas, recommendations?

This will probably pair with a desktop CNC machine (See the other thread I posted)