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Pro-38 6XL Case

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Jun 12, 2017
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I am looking to buy a lightly used, and in good condition CTI 38mm 6XL grain case. If you have the spacers to for that, then I will buy those too, but I can just buy the case if that's all you have.

PM me if you have one.

I'm guessing you are hoping to use it for your L2 cert flight. I'm doing the same because CTI 54 mm J's are hard to find. AMW Pro-X has a few.

I bought a 38 mm 6XL case for this very reason. I am hoping to do my cert flight at MMMSC on the 2nd of September. Where are you flying on the 9th? I could loan you my case. If you are close, I could easily be persuaded to make a trip to another launch.
I'm going to be flying with Northern Colorado Rocketry. They have loaner cases, but I just want to buy my own. The vendor that goes there also has them for sale, but I figured I would try to get one cheaper used. I'm still waiting to hear back from NAR HQ to see if I can do my L2 certification 6 days before my 18th birthday (I turn 18 on the 16th). If they let me do my cert there, then I will be launching a 2.6" screech on an L935 for the cert flight. I just want the 38mm case so I can launch Js if I choose to. Don't plan on flying much in the 54mm range. Can't afford it. Feel free to come to NCR, it's a great site, and they have a waiver to 20k.